The Story

What makes us human? Our body? Our mind? Our experiences?

Imagine a universe where no one dies. The human mind is a digital program that can be copied, saved and reprogramed. The idea of self and identity are completely redefined. This is the world of Transreality.

Transreality is a graphic novel by Chris Lackey that tells the story of James Watson, a man living his everyday life in 2013 Yorkshire…or so he thinks. As this futuristic story unfolds, James discovers a universe of splintered cultures, artificial intelligences, uplifted animals and virtual worlds. James explores his new universe, his place in it and what it means to be human.

Transreality is a 128 page, full color, soft-cover graphic novel.

1 Response to The Story

  1. Hey there, just happened across your site and discovered you are in Yorkshire. Small world, we are too! My wife and I just finished a graphic novel of our own and were wondering who you printed yours with in the UK? You are welcome to email me at my email address linked with this comment. Thanks!

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