The Characters

James Watson

A happily married family man who works as an IT specialist for local primary schools. After a car accident, James awoke from a coma suffering from a rare neurological disorder called Capgras Syndrome. Capgras causes an individual to feel like the people they know have been replaced by duplicates. We meet James a year after his accident, when he finally feels his life is returning to normal, until a dream causes him to lapse back to Capgras and nothing seems as it should.


Alexis is a third generation uplifted gorilla (genetically modified with greater than human intelligence) and is on the board of directors of one of the biggest companies in the United Colonies. Despite being a long time supporter of uplifted animal rights, the lure of wealth and success has made her turn a blind eye to some of her company’s unsavory practices towards humans.

Soni Bashir

Soni was a care-free and cheeky teen-aged girl, until her aneurism. After suffering serious brain damage, Soni has found herself with memory loss and symptoms of Capgras Syndrome. After joining Dr. Gellar’s group, Soni suspects that something is wrong with her doctor. And the world.






David Hindes

Born into money, David is a successful business man who also began suffering from Capgras after a heart attack. He manages his symptoms with the help of Dr. Gellar’s
group. David has no children, but has put some money into a cryonics company, hoping he might not need an heir.

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