Check out some of these sweet reviews…

‘Whilst it mixes Invasion of the Bodysnatchers paranoia with Philip K Dick reality subversion and moments that will make Transmetropolitan fans very happy, it’s science fiction that speaks with a voice of its own and does so with authority.’   ~ Travelling Man

‘…a skilful, intriguing, complex and enjoyable, cerebral sci-fi epic…’ Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet Blog

‘Thumping good storytelling…sumptuous…Transreality is a triumph…’ ~ David Barnett, Telegraph & Argus

‘This is a top-notch bit of work.  You care about the characters, you’re continually intrigued by the innovation, and you are led by unexpected routes to a satisfying conclusion.  What more can you ask for?’  ~ Dion Scrolls, Geek Syndicate

“This is a story that anyone can enjoy whether or not science fiction is your genre of choice.” ~ David Leingang, Unspeakable Gibberer

“The highest praise I can give to any book is that it is a page turner; I was engaged and interested from start to finish every step of the way.  Lackey draws an engagingly fantastic world that seems just plausible enough to be believable.” ~ Andrew Porwitzky, Sidekickcast

“Its familiar elements are given an original and thought-provoking spin by Chris Lackey’s confident craft; if you like a bit of empathy and humanity with your futuristic speculation, then Transreality is certainly the book for you.” ~ Tom Murphy, Broken Fontier

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