Bizarre #206 shows off Transreality!

monogamousIn the new issue of Bizarre Magazine, there is a great interview with me talking about Transreality! Special thanks to David McComb and his great interviewing skills. He made me sound so clever!

If you don’t mind tattoos and topless women, then check it issue #206. It has model Hollie Hatton on the cover.

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1 Response to Bizarre #206 shows off Transreality!

  1. Remi Fayomi says:

    Very interesting comicbook. The uplift neo-gorilla reminded me of David Brin’s uplift novels, my first encounter in childhood being “Startide Rising” (even though the first in that series is “Sundiver”). It was also lovely to meet Chris Lackey in person playing the ukulele in Manchester’s Traveling Man on Saturday. 😀

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